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                                 Got Bed Bugs in Toronto? We'll help...Fast!

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                  Bed Bug Heat Treatment
                  Heat  is a very effective way of killing bed bugs and their eggs too! 

                  Bed Bugs Treatment Toronto
                  Bed Bugs multiply us now!

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                  Multiple methods of bed bug extermination are utilized. Integrated Pest Management ensures that each procedure, product and protocol are accomplished correctly and effectively.

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                  Personal service, coaching and our Lifetime Service Guarantee are included with every extermination!

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                  Bed Bugs Toronto - Toronto Pest Control Exterminator

                  Got bed bugs?
                  We are Toronto's bed bug Specialists!

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                  We spray twice for one low price We treat twice for one low price *
                  We guarantee next day service We Guarantee next day service!
                  We will prep your home for you We can 'prep' your home for you!

                  Proper and effective bed bugs removal and treatment requires an educated and integrated approach. You must choose an exterminator with the knowledge to do the job right or you simply will not get rid of them!

                  We do a thorough job, not simply a quick spray!

                  Call us for an immediate quote and find out why we are Toronto's Premier Bed Bug Exterminator.

                  Did you know that many people can be effected by bed bugs in their home and not even know it until they move some furniture and they are discovered by accident?! Some people do not react to bed bug bites at all and some can react severely. If you discover bed bugs while changing your sheets or moving some furniture it is imperative that you contact us right away. The earlier a bed bug infestation is discovered, the easier it is to remedy.  Early detection of a bed bug problem is key to the extermination process.

                  We understand that having bed bugs can be traumatizing and our specialists will spend as much time as you need both on the phone and in person helping you.

                  Our service technicians are highly trained bed bug exterminators, in fact
                  although we are licensed to perform other types of pest control, we only get rid of bed bugs!

                  After your bed bug extermination is complete and you are bed bug free, we will coach you on how to avoid a re infestation. Should you get bed bugs again - even years later - you can take advantage of our
                  Lifetime Service Guarantee! That's right... If you ever get bed bugs again we will return and treat your home for a very low modest price - You never pay full price again... even if you move - Ever!

                                *We Fully  Steam - Spray - Dust - Vacuum

                  Fast, Reliable & Professional Toronto Bed Bug Extermination!
                           Killing bed bugs is all we do...and we do it right!

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                             *All bed bug treatment methods are utilized as required at no extra charge

                                 Full service Toronto bed bugs treatment

                       Weekend Bed Bugs Treatment at no extra charge!
                  * Applicable to single family detached homes. Call for details